Mike Salt - Sports Massage

Founder of Physic with over 34 years experience as a Registered Osteopath. I try to match the most appropriate and efficient treatment techniques to the patients problem(s). Treatments evolve and thus techniques may change to reflect this. I refer to other clinicians if they are relevant to the treatment of the condition. Although, as a practitioner I consider myself as an 'all rounder', I have treated a lot of long term 'chronic' back problems over the years.

Physic is a warm and professional clinic which from inseption in 1984 has put the focus on the resolution of the patient's problem. We treat where it is relevant and refer if necessary to both medical and complementary specialists to ensure the best possible, efficient and economic resolution.

Roger Giddings - Osteopath

Mike has been a Sports/Body works massage therapist since 1996 complimenting his work as a personal trainer/fitness instructor at the time. In 2000 he started work for Loughborough University and St Mary's College Twickenham at their high performance centres gaining valuable experience in treating international standard athletes as well as up and coming GB Juniors. He has been a competitive distance runner since 1983 and also work closely with runners from C&C and Hunts AC