Here are some great links you should find useful:

Practitioner Links

Emma Bicknell  Website for Osteopathy and Osteopathy for Animals- esp Horses, Ponies and Dogs

Maythorn Therapy Clinic  Emma's clinic in Hardwick - booking in online

Mike Salt  Website for Sports Massage and fitness training/coaching

Mike Salt  Mike's page on Power of 10 - his running statistics.

Professional Bodies

GOsC (General Osteopathic Council)

iO (The Institute of Osteopathy)

Alternative Health

ANH (Alliance for Natural Health - a more scientific overvue of pharma, politics and health issues))

Patrick Holford  Low GL Diet and Nutritional Info. Vitamin etc supplies.

What Doctors Don't Tell You  Broader view of Orthodox medicine.

Juice Plus + Support your body with Natural Nutrition.